Aurora CO Is Home To These Three Top Ranked Establishments

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Denver is of course the most populous city in Colorado, but Aurora is #3. Did you know that? Aurora is quite the city, and in fact, one travel site lists 2599 restaurants for the city. I want to take a look at three of them with you. When you arrive in Aurora, you will be able to just head straight to a restaurant. That’s because I bet you are really going to like these three top ranked restaurants in Aurora CO.

The Great Australian Bite is on South Corner Star Way, and you’re talking about sausage rolls, onion pies and so much more. One person talks about all the different pie options, as well as all of the dessert options. One of the desert favorites is the chocolate caramel slice, which sounds delicious, doesn’t it? I think The Great Australian Bite would be a unique and cool place to eat at while on vacation in Aurora CO.

Wholly Cannoli Care has a cool name, and it is East Aurora Parkway. Of course they serve up more than just cannolis there though. They have delicious pastas and much more. One person said that this restaurant is a tucked away gem. This restaurant also offers a catering service so that makes me think that the menu is actually quite extensive.

Cedar Creek Pub is on North Ursula Street, and so much delicious food is served up there. How would you like some bangers and mash? Perhaps you want some cheesecake, a burger or fish and chips. Cedar Creek Pub is one of those places that makes you think you are in Aurora, you know? Are you ready to travel to Aurora and enjoy all three of the restaurants I mentioned? I think I would have to start with The Great Australian Bite.

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