Agency Lands Bridgepointe Equity Investment, Partner Status


Tony Lenci has been selling through Bridgepointe since 2011.

Bridgepointe Technologies made one of its IT strategists an equity partner in the company.

California-based Bridgepointe, which landed an investment of over $100 million from Charlesbank Capital Partners earlier this year just announced an investment in Tony Lenci’s sales agency. Lenci joins a growing list of contractors (known as “IT strategists”) whom Bridgepointe has appointed as a partner. The deal gives Lenci more incentive for Bridgepointe’s financial success.

Bridgepointe’s Tony Lenci

“Our goal is to help our partners unlock new opportunities in their customer base as well as new opportunities. Tony joining us as a partner is a testament to the power of our vision for organic growth,” said Bridgepointe co-founder Brian Miller.

Brian Miller of Bridgepointe Technologies

Brian Miller of Bridgepointe


Lenci has been selling with Bridgepointe since 2011. He worked as an account manager at Allied Riser Communications (later acquired by Cogent). He then did commercial real estate brokerage for nearly seven years before launching his agency. According to Bridgepointe, Lenci has always played at the top of his peer group.

“Tony has proven time and time again that he is committed not only to the success of his clients, but also to Bridgepointe’s vision as a company. By making strategists like Tony true partners in our business, we’re able to reward that commitment while helping us achieve our aggressive organic growth goals much faster,” said Bridgepointe co-founder Scott Evars.

Evars, Scott_Bridgepointe

Scott Evars of Bridgepointe

Recipients of partner status include David Barsocchini and Joe Vincent of Vinco, who also own shares in Bridgepointe. Some of these IT strategists did business under their own corporate brands, while many used the Bridgepointe brand.

Lenci operates out of Reno, Nevada.

“The Bridgepointe model got me to success much faster,” Lenci said. “I’m excited to build on our existing relationship and look forward to leveraging the new team and tools that are currently being developed.”

Bridgepointe announced an investment in New York-based Wave in late March, which executives said mirrored the deal structure of their purchase of Clover Communications.

Bridgepointe announced its equity financing in January. Leaders have pledged to invest in improving tools and potentially tripling their workforce. They also promised to engage in partner mergers and acquisitions.


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