Azure Space Partner Community Nets Microsoft Important Collaborators


Microsoft is launching the Azure Space Partner Community this week, a new initiative that will bring collaborators into the company’s Azure Space solution. The company says the new service is a “space partner ecosystem” that provides partners with key benefits for scaling and co-developing innovative solutions.

Microsoft has expanded Azure Space in recent months, including adding new AI features. Since the product launched in 2020, Microsoft says many partners have already joined us. Among them are manufacturers, data providers, space operators, system integrators, startups, etc.

Well-known Azure Space partners include Thales, Ball Aerospace, SkyWatch, SpaceX, Airbus, US Electrodynamic, Idirect, Nokia, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Partner benefits

As part of the Azure Space partner community, these companies and others will be able to connect with each other, empowering customers.

“The Azure Space Partner Community enables our partners to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative offerings to mutual customers, helping to shape the future of space technologies and services,” Microsoft Azure Space Principal Stephen Kitay writes in a blog post.

“The space industry is advancing rapidly, and we believe in the power of bringing this community together in an ecosystem… We are excited to rapidly innovate and advance the industry with our first cohort of partners, and we look forward to welcoming new ones. partners in the days to come.”

The company says the new additions and partnerships will break down barriers for those taking on space workloads.

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