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Chung Heng Han is Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Systems, Alliances and Channels based in Singapore for the JAPAC region.

By Chung Heng Han

In my seven years at Oracle working with systems integrators, ISVs, managed service providers, and other technology partners around the world, I’ve always asked their leaders one question: what to be your partner of choice?

Their responses revolve around four main areas: customers, skills, trust and profitability. In other words, our partners look to us to help them solve the business and technical challenges of our mutual customers. They rely on us to help them develop the right skills to ensure our clients’ success. They ask that we really partner up rather than compete with them, which builds trust. And our partners rely on us to provide a strong business model for our joint engagements.

In the age of subscription-based cloud services, our partner-to-market model is much more about guiding our joint customers, both technically and commercially, through their digital transformation journey. It’s about working together to change the world.

As Doug Hughes, APAC, Africa and ANZ business lead for Accenture Oracle Business Group explains, “Clients need a trusted hand to navigate this new era.

He adds, “Our deep partnership with Oracle means we can accelerate and improve the power and integration of Oracle for our customers, helping them win faster as they transform their businesses. Together, we help companies unlock the full value of technology to boost their success today and tomorrow.

One of Oracle’s more than 500 trusted partners in India is Cargo Exchange, a Hyderabad-based ISV with whom we worked on a pilot service that gave select participants in the country’s import/export industry centralized access to a full electronic audit trail of trade documents. The pilot blockchain platform, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OIC) and Oracle Blockchain Cloud Servicecan help improve the security and transparency of import/export transactions in India, simplify and speed up their execution, and reduce their costs.

Now, Depending on where clients are in their digital transformation journey, we work with our partners on everything from architectural planning and system implementation to business process reengineering and strategic consulting. Ultimately, the goal of every partner relationship should be to help customers reshape their business models to carve out a competitive advantage in their industries, whether in the context of personalized medicine, smart cities, industrial IoT, digital banking, omnichannel retail or other industry megatrends.

The best relationships

As ISVs, systems integrators, managed service providers, and value-added resellers consider working with large cloud providers, what attributes should they assess? To get started, determine which vendors offer a comprehensive portfolio of cloud infrastructure, platform, and application services, including applications tailored to specific industries. In this multicloud world, it’s also important to work with providers whose cloud services integrate with those of competing providers. And consider cloud providers whose services can be run on a customer’s premises, which is especially important in highly regulated industries.

Many companies and government institutions are struggling to find and retain talented tech professionals, due to both the big quit and the overall tech labor shortage. It’s important to partner with cloud providers that offer customers the latest technical training and certifications, helping them close this skills gap.

Asia-Pacific is a huge market, accounting for 40% of global gross domestic product (GDP). Since most enterprises and government institutions in the region started their digital transformation journey later than their counterparts in North America and Europe, they have a huge opportunity to leapfrog early adopters, just like the region has done it with mobile communications. Our partners share this vast opportunity. together we can make a difference.

Chung Heng Han is Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Systems, Alliances and Channels based in Singapore for the JAPAC region.


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