Matrix will showcase its products at Matrix Partner Connect


Matrix held a product exhibition – Matrix Partner Login with its distribution partner CTPL in New Delhi the 29the July 2022. The event is organized with the aim of demonstrating innovative solutions encompassing the full range of CCTV, access control, time attendance and telecommunications.

At this event, Matrix will showcase its range of IP video surveillance solutions which includes VMS, NVRs and enterprise IP cameras with a range of up to 8 MP. The entire solution is focused on solving the top three customer issues, namely the cost of bandwidth and storage, the difficulty of centralized management, and monitoring and reactive security. Matrix introduced its all-new line of TURRET cameras to provide customers with a diverse portfolio of IP cameras for complete security solutions. Turret cameras or flat face dome cameras have a ball-and-socket design that gives them the flexibility to move on their axis when mounted. Easy axis adjustment after installation, no infrared reflection and reduced risk of fingerprints make it a popular choice for businesses. Matrix Product Expo will showcase 2MP/5MP TURRET cameras.

On top of that, Matrix will be showcasing its Project 8MP series cameras – specially suited for larger businesses and project environments. Project Series 8MP cameras come with UL certification, a global safety standard, and NEMA certification for protection against environmental hazards. They provide high resolution images for better clarity and protection.

High-end surveillance cameras demand robust video recording solutions with high storage capacity and adequate redundancies to ensure businesses benefit from 24x7x365 day surveillance without downtime. Matrix’s new range of ENVRs are an answer to the same, they can support up to 128 channels and have a storage capacity of up to 144TB. Visitors will have the chance to experience the same when of the event.

In the field of access control, Matrix will present COSEC PANEL200P – Site controller to monitor the operation of an entire building. It works in two different architectures. In network architecture, the COSEC PANEL200P acts as a bridge between the controllers and the server. In the stand-alone architecture, it operates independently without requiring a server. It can manage 255 COSEC door controllers and 25,000 users from its user interface. Door Controller – COSEC ARC DC200P, a unique IP-based access control terminal with multiple advantages over conventional access control terminal, will also be demonstrated. Being PoE-based, it eliminates complex wiring and local power requirements. Its DIN rail and wall mounting option provide the flexibility to mount even where space is a constraint.

As part of the Time-Attendance segment, Matrix will showcase its Aadhaar-enabled biometric device – VEGA FAXQ. It is the only Linux-based device available in the Indian market with card and fingerprint authentication. The device comes with multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, PoE, and Ethernet. This Aadhaar-based authentication device is specially designed to mark the presence of government employees and is currently the only integrated device available in the Indian market. Matrix will showcase a door controller, COSEC ARGO FACE, which identifies users with precision, speed, reliability and massive capacity. AI-based deep learning technology makes it highly adaptable. Matrix will showcase its line of enterprise-grade time attendance and access control solutions at the event.

In the field of telecommunications, Matrix will present ‘Matrix ANANT UCS’ – open server-based telephony systems that reduce overheads such as the cost of cabling. This system is scalable, robust and efficient to provide seamless connectivity on a single platform and employees can connect using mobiles, desk phones, laptops and tablets.

At the same time, Matrix will present MATRIX ETERNITY NENX – a unified communication platform for VSEs and SMEs. With a USP of 50 IP users, LDAP client support, and multi-level IVR, among others, it offers advantages for small and medium organizations that want to migrate to IP telephony. At the same time, Matrix SETU VTEP will also be presented. The SETU VTEP Multiport Gateway aims to target small and medium-sized businesses and helps them transition from traditional PBX to IP voice. It supports PRI protocol and adopts standard T1/E1 trunk interface and provides smooth transition by enabling direct call routing between ISDN landline and cost-effective IP networks to take advantage of low-cost VoIP telephony. cost.

SPARSH VP210 is a new member of the SIP phone family that redefines the telephony experience and the quality of business communications. With its standard SIP protocol, this rugged desk phone is compatible with any third-party IP system. This helps it protect an organization’s existing investment while modernizing the telecommunications front-end architecture. SPARSH VP510 sets the benchmark for quality performance with a sleek design and crystal-clear voice. Boasting business class features such as Direct Station Select (DSS) keys, headset connectivity and high quality full duplex speakerphone among others.

Anil Mehra, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “Our product expo – Matrix Partner Connect aims to bring all system integrators and business prospects together under one roof. reach leading service providers and system integrators, share our successful case studies around the world, and explain how our enterprise solutions address various verticals.


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