MRI Software adds Dealpath to its MRI Partner Connect program


Solon’s real estate software company MRI Software Inc. has added its first deal management partner, Dealpath, to the MRI Partner Connect program.

The program, which the company describes as “an outgrowth of MRI’s open, connected approach to real estate software,” includes more than 200 partners and gives MRI customers access to third-party service providers of their choice. The partnership with Dealpath took effect on March 1.

Sean Slack, Vice President of Partner Connect at MRI Software, said Dealpath is the premier deal management partner in this ecosystem and provides a platform that “manages the acquisition, disposition, development and lending of transactions, all of which are standard activities for many MRI clients. As a result, he said, “we can deliver an enhanced client experience that increases collaboration between asset managers and deal teams.”

He said IRM clients who use the Dealpath platform “will benefit from a more streamlined flow of data from a centralized source, enabling them to make better decisions faster. The commercial real estate industry generates huge volumes of data, but many companies don’t have the technology in place to fully leverage the data for business benefit.”

Dealpath, which was founded in 2014 and is based in San Francisco, describes itself as a “cloud-based real estate investment management platform, providing real-time access to verified, secure and timely investment data. day”. It operates in a space known as proptech – for “proprietary technology” – and said the partnership with MRI Software brings it “one step closer to achieving its core mission of serving as a command center for the pipeline via portfolio management”.

Mike Sroka, CEO of Dealpath, said in a statement that the company “constantly looks to the future to further empower our customers as well as today’s broader market with time-accurate data integration. In order to continue to display this commitment, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of key PropTech players to partner with, with the goal of delivering best-in-class technology. will enable our users to enhance governance portfolio visibility, accuracy and data while eliminating duplicate entries.

Dealpath claims that since its inception, it has “supported over $10 trillion in transactions globally”.

Sroka said the company has more than 100 employees and plans to double its workforce this year as it supports the growing digitalization of the real estate investment market.


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