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Nirmata DevSecOps Platform works with AWS to provide additional security features for container and Kubernetes workloads

SAN JOSE, CA., April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Nirmatathe provider of software solutions for policy-based security and automation of production Kubernetes workloads and clusters, and the makers of Kyvernoa leading policy engine built for Kubernetes, today announced that it has reached Amazon Web Services (AWS) Container Competency for enterprise container management, recognizing that Nirmata has demonstrated technical proficiency and customer success in managing container infrastructure and containerized workloads across different environments. This designation reflects Nirmata’s ability to work seamlessly with AWS in a way that protects container and Kubernetes workloads while providing the business agility that enterprises seek.

Achieving the AWS Container Competency differentiates Nirmata as an AWS partner with deep domain expertise in delivering software products that help customers provision and manage their container infrastructure (e.g., networks, load balancers, load, perimeter security) and workloads (e.g., jobs, pods, services, namespaces, quotas) across multiple locations and regions with appropriate security, compliance, development, and operational controls . These offerings help customers achieve greater operational efficiency and achieve enterprise-wide observability, security, compliance and governance.

“Achieving AWS Container Competency status is a clear advantage for Nirmata, which adds to our policy-centric approach to managing and protecting cloud-native applications on AWS and operationalizing security at scale” , said Ritesh Patel, co-founder and vice president of products at Nirmata. “We are proud to have achieved the AWS Container Competency which further certifies our DevSecOps platform on AWS. We continue to innovate and invest on AWS to provide our customers with proven and innovative solutions as a trusted member of the AWS Partner Network.

AWS offers scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS has established the Skills Program to help customers identify AWS partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

For more information about Nirmata, visit AWS Marketplace.

About Nirmata, Inc.

Nirmata, the creator of Kyverno, provides open source and commercial enterprise solutions for governance, compliance, security, and automation of production Kubernetes workloads. Nirmata enables self-service cluster provisioning, provides DevOps teams with visibility, health, metrics, and alerts, ensures compliance through workload policies, and streamlines application deployments to Kubernetes clusters deployed on any cloud, data center or edge. For more information, visit us at You can also follow Nirmata on GitHub, Twitterand LinkedIn.

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